Coming up..

The Northland Hunt Trek is happening again, this time on the 18th of November 2016 at the beautiful Kapiro Station, Kerikeri.

Our Hunting Season..​

The 2017 Season is here! Come Join Us!

Our season starts with the Opening Hunt on Saturday 2nd April 2016, with Hunt Meets at least every Saturday and Tuesday until our Closing Hunt on Saturday 23rd July 2016.

Capping Fees..

If you haven't hunted before, come along to your first hunt free, as a guest of the Master!

After that capping members can either pay a NZHA limited membership of $13 or join the Northland Hunt as an Honorary Member $17, plus:

  • Senior $30 per hunt (Limited to 6 caps per season)

  • Junior $10 per hunt (Unlimited)

Other wise check out our great Full membership prices!


Northland Hunt meets late March until late July averaging approximately 38 meets per season.  The region hunted by Northland Hunt includes Whangarei, Pouto peninsula, Dargaville West Coast region, Mid North Kaikohe and Bay of Islands region, Purerua Peninsula and as far north as Rangiputa. Northland offers 3 weekend hunts per season.

Current fundraising events include an annual trek, quiz night, weekly raffles and sponsored hounds.

The New Zealand hunts association was formally established in 1900 with Mr Dan Riddiford from the Rangtikei as the first president. The association was formed primarily to set up rules for the qualification of hunters at race meetings and their certification by Masters. The association is open to all 28 Hunts in New Zealand and one delegate from each forming the meetings.

The object of the association is the promotion, regulation and improvement of the sport of hunting in New Zealand and the encouragement of breeding of horses and hounds suitable for the occasion.

1907 and 1914 were significant influential years for the NZHA where the association imported stud hounds from England to be used by hunts throughout New Zealand. Travel and communication restriction however complicated the co-ordination of hunts throughout New Zealand. Drafting hounds and breeding between kennels was much less common than it is these days.

In 1962 NZHA took responsibility of annual hound shows. National shows are run in conjunction with a hunt milestone every few years marking the popular event as part of their ‘Hunt Week’ attracting visitors from far wide.

If you have never ridden to hounds before, those antique hunt prints that have adorned walls throughout history are about to take on a whole new meaning.  For most people, a brisk morning, fresh horses, and baying hounds are indeed a life-changing experience. We hope it will be for you. Stand forewarned, however, no matter what your riding discipline, it can become addictive.  Hunting to Hounds is a challenging, exciting and enjoyable non competitive sport for all ages.

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