Individual hunts may vary their uniforms.  Traditionally hunting coats are single vented. 


At Northland Hunt, members must wear: 


  • A black safety hat.

  • Black or green coat with a maroon collar.  The maroon material is available from the hunt at no cost.

If you presently have a different coloured jacket that is not a problem; when it is time for it to be replaced

you should replace it with the preferred hunt colour.

  • White or cream stock.

  • Beige or fawn breeches.

  • Long black boots for adults, children may wear short boots.

  • Female members are encouraged to wear their hair in a net.

  • If spurs are worn they should be removed prior to attending the hunt breakfast at the end of the hunt.



  • For the months of March and April riders may hunt in a white, long sleeved shirt to the wrist, with a stock or tie.

  • If the weather is wet, riders may wear the clothes they intend to ride out in (e.g. raincoats) to the stirrup cup and Master’s address prior to the hunt. 

  • However, in both cases riders are expected to wear their hunting coats to the breakfast at the end of the hunt.