There has been hunting in Northland since 1946 when the Bay of Islands Hunt was started. Mr John Lindsay was master and Mr Doug Hastie was the deputy master and they had a membership of over 30 keen members. This was a drag hunt but hunt never affiliated with the association and stayed independent of the later 'Northland Hunt', eventually going into recess in 1967.  


The Northland Hunt was inaugurated in 1952 and commenced field operations in 1953 with 6 couple of hounds obtained from Pakuranga, Maramarua, Waikato, Rotorua and Bay of Plenty hunts. In the early days all hunts were drag hunts until hares were discovered in abundance and it was decided to dispense aniseed in favour of the real thing.


The territory was originally divided into three wards, Whangarei, Bay of Islands and Northern Wairoa. However, in 1989 the ward system ceased with the executive overseeing all areas. In 2002 the Mangonui hunt disbanded with the members gifting their remaining cash and assets to Northland. In acknowledgement, their four remaining members hunt as guests of Northland Hunt.  


In 1967 the hunt invested in a farmlet on Three Mile Bush Road, Kamo financed by debentures taken out by members.  In 1980 the Kamo farmlet was sold and removable kennels were built at huntsman Des Cogan’s property in Ruakaka. In 1995 after his 21st season, Des Cogan resigned. The hunt then purchased a 60-acre property west of Whangarei and developed some old buildings in to their kennels. In 2005 the 60-acre property was sold and the current 16-acre property at Tangiteroria was purchased where new kennels were established.


Northland Hunt meets late March until late July averaging approximately 38 meets per season. The terrain is varied with magnificent properties on both the east and west coast, as far south as Pouto Peninsula, and as far north as Rangiputa. Northland offers 3 weekend hunts per season.


Current fundraising events include an annual trek, quiz night, weekly raffles and sponsored hounds. A 50th jubilee was held in 2002 and 60th in 2012.

Our History

Kicking On - Through the History of Hunting in New Zealand (2012)

Edited by Susan Berry