On the day

  • If you have never been along to a hunt before please contact the secretary so we can provide you with all necessary information and see that you are looked after on the day.

  • You should familiarise yourself with both, the attire and etiquette, prior to attending the hunt so you know what to wear and what to do on the day.

  • The hunt information line (provided to you by the secretary) will be updated by 7 pm the night before the hunt, please check this for cancellations, instructions and directions.

  • To allow enough time to get yourself and horse ready, pay caps, do tea duties and/or socialise, it's best to get to a hunt by 10.30 am.

  • The stirrup cup starts at 11.30 am with the Master's address at 11.45 am.

  • The hunt throws off at 12.00 pm (midday).

  • The hounds are usually packed up just after 3 pm to return home.

  • Horses should be watered, washed and rugged up straightaway to get to the "breakfast" (afternoon tea) by 3.45 pm. Please bring a plate of food to share for the "breakfast".

  • The breakfast concludes after the Master's address where the property owners are thanked and you may then leave. Please stay for the "breakfast" and remain in hunting attire until after the Master's address.