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Hunting in Northland
Hunting in Northland

The 2020 Season is here...

Come and join us for a day of fun and spectacular scenery with your horse,

hunting is the sport for all ages and skill levels! 

Our Hunt Season


The 2020 Season is here! Come join us!

Our season starts with the Opening Hunt on Sunday 5th April, with Hunt meets at least every Saturday and Tuesday until our Closing Hunt on Saturday 25th July 2020.

Capping Fees..

If you haven't hunted before, come along to your first hunt free!

After that you can join as a Day Fee Rider for $20, or a Northland Hunt Honorary Member for $30, plus capping fees:

  • Senior $35 per hunt (Limited to 6 caps per season)

  • Junior $10 per hunt (Unlimited)

Check out the full membership options here

Our Sponsors


We have some awesome sponsors that help in many different ways to keep us going. If you would like to know more about becoming a sponsor check out our sponsors page or contact us.

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